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**Phone Fitting is free of charge at the moment! 

Benefits of Fitting

  • No more blaming yourself for a bad shot
  • Guaranteed better shots
  • Longer, Straighter golf shots (it’s not a marketing gimmick, really longer & straighter)
  • Your misses will be better too!
  • Enjoy golf injury-free!

Fitting Services:

  • Phone Fitting:
    • $50 (waived during our grand opening promotion)
    • 30-minute per category (driver/woods/hybrids, irons/wedges, putter)
    • Guidance using our real-life data
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  • In-person Fitting:
    • are you around Los Angeles/Orange County area? Click here to book an in-person fitting.
    • $75 for driver/woods/hybrids
    • $75 for irons/wedges


Don’t blame yourself, Assess your clubs!

  • We’ve seen too many golfers who come through the doors of our store using wrong clubs. We’ve heard many golfers who blame themselves for bad golf shots when it could literally be the wrong clubs in their hands. People say “It’s not the arrow’ It’s the Indian.” But we’ve seen too many cases where it was the arrows. Have you tried playing basketball in a full-size smaller than your most comfortable shoes? Have you tried running with a full-size bigger than your most comfortable shoes? Have you tried swinging a baseball bat that is too heavy or too light? Before you blame yourself for a bad shot (and believe us, you will) get you clubs fitted.